The Aphrodite App | A UX case study

Timeline & Tools

The Brief

User Research

Our users

Some of participate’ answers


  • The Aphrodite app will provide the user with different sources to buy his products from it.
  • Alternative products that serve the same purpose if it is not available or represents a health flag according to your profile e.g., allergies/ calories/ skin rash/ dry hair issues.
  • Product servings details, e.g., caloric, bad ingredients flags, serving sizes, calories calculator and more.
  • Diet recommendations and meals planner/ reminder.
  • Make user’s skin or hair or other supplements a habit through scheduling and notifications
  • Beauty, skin, and hair product recommendations tailored to the user as the algorithm will view buying habits and diet and activity.
  • Consult and view Aphrodite session on beauty and health.
  • Have a one-to-one connection with an experienced health and beauty experts.

User Flow

Prototyping & Wireframing




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